The Long-Awaited ‘High School Strength & Conditioning Coach’ Certification is Now Available

The Untold, Secret and Step-By-Step Plan That Will Change How You Train High School Athletes And Virtually Guarantee Them To Be The Fastest, Strongest & Most Injury-Free Champions in the Game…

Plus the Most Important Certification You Could Ever Own?

This is Your Chance to Become a Certified
‘High School Strength & Conditioning Coach’

And Learn the Inside Secrets of the Very Best!

Eric Cressey
Eric Cressey
Mike Robertson
Mike Robertson
Wil Fleming
Wil Fleming

Now Available for Only $299.95

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Why Is This The Most Important Certification
You Could Ever Own?

Two reasons to be honest…

  1. The Stability, Safety & Security of Your Career

  2. The Glaring Need Worldwide

The Wall Street Journal’s declaration back in 2004 was an honest look at the current state of the industry and an incredibly accurate foreteller of things to come:

$4 billion are spent every year in the United States on Personal
Training & Coaching for Kids… That figure is assumed to be on the rise

The world of "High School Strength & Conditioning" is one of the fastest growing markets in the entire sports industry.
To say that a properly educated and credentialed professional in this industry could ‘earn a living’ by just training High School athletes is a massive understatement.

Back in 2004, I opened the doors to a brand-new facility just outside of Chicago, Illinois.

December 1, 2004 = 0 Athletes

March 1, 2005 = 212 Athletes

I went from having absolutely no athletes on "Day 1" to more than 200 by "Day 90".

It took my only 90 days to generate a thriving business training nothing but high school athletes…

… And have a monthly revenue total that was into the 5-figures.

The future of your career and livelihood is dependent on you becoming knowledgeable in this market.

That brings me to point #2:


The Most Critical ‘Need’ Just Waiting
for Qualified Professionals to Fill?

Injury rates among High School athletes are at an all-time high.

And yes… Part of the reason is because of the increased intensity in competition.

Yes… Part of the reason is due to the over-specialization in sport.

Yes… Part of the reason is based on improper injury management.

But the #1 reason, the most critical and culpable issue is simply this:

Training Programs Used in High School Settings and With High School Athletes Are Old-School, Improper & LIKELY To Cause Injuries

Loading up bars and trying to Squat, Clean and Bench as much as they can.

Putting little to no thought or effort on Warming Up.

Mistakenly using ‘Speed Training’ as nothing more than Vomit-Filled Conditioning.

But the real problem is that the athletes themselves aren’t to blame…


Coaches and Trainers are the ones who don’t know what’s best.


We just go along with whatever ‘has been’ training policy without thinking.


A ‘High School Strength & Conditioning’ Revolution is Needed… Which Is Why These 3 Guys Were Brought In

Eric Cressey
Eric Cressey

Considered by most to be the #1 Strength & Conditioning Coach for High School aged athletes in the world.

"Eric constantly opens up my mind and shows me more effective methods for training my athletes EVERY time we chat…"

Zach Even Esh
World-Renowned Coach

Mike Robertson
Mike Robertson

If we were to seriously rank the experts, Mike would either fall as ’1A’ or ’2′ behind Eric Cressey.

"I honestly wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend anything with Mike’s name on it to those looking to improve their strength and conditioning knowledge"

Jason Ferruggia
Legendary Strength Coach

Wil Fleming
Wil Fleming

Sometimes, the very best in-the-trenches Coaches are the guys you don’t hear a ton about. That’s Wil.  A Coach who has been producing Championship High School athletes and teams for a decade in the sport-crazy state of Indiana; his contributions to this resource were a must.

"Quietly, Wil has become one of the most successful and influential Strength Coaches for High School Athletes in the world. Some Coaches don’t realize that the ‘stuff’ they just figured out to make their athletes better, Wil has been doing for 5 years"

Donovan Owens
Dominate Sports Performance


Here are the facts (and what I wanted in this groundbreaking resource):

  • I didn’t want this resource to be the ‘same-old-same-old’ type of information. A revolution is needed…

  • I wanted this to be a practical guide that showed Coaches & Trainers what ‘To Do’ and not just discuss science or research.

  • I wanted Coaches & Trainers to have a resource that gave them information that they can USE – video footage, sample programs, comprehensive High School development system.

  • I wanted a resource that explained ‘General Athletic Training’ AND ‘Sport-Specific Conditioning’ – And how to use them both

  • I wanted a resource that would explain AND show how training programs look on a development basis from Freshmen to Seniors

  • I wanted Photos, Programs, DVD’s, Descriptions & Done-For-You Systems that Coaches & Trainers Could Use Immediately

  • I wanted an Online Exam Process so Coaches can Complete This Certification When and Where is Convenient For Them

A Comprehensive Done-For-You Training System for Building High School Champions And Created By The Most Highly Successful Coaches in the Entire World!

This is Your Chance to Become a Certified
‘High School Strength & Conditioning Coach’

And Learn the Inside Secrets of the Very Best!

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What Information Are You About to Own?

A 2 DVD Set

IYCA High School Strength & conditioning Coach Certification

  • Warm-up Design for High School Athletes
  • Speed & Agility Mechanics and Programming
  • Strength Training Technique & Implementation
  • Mobility Drills Head to Toe


208+ Page Textbook

IYCA High School Strength & conditioning Coach Certification

  • Chapter 1: Program Administration for the High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist by Pat Rigsby and Toby Brooks
  • Chapter 2: Strength and Power Training for the High School Athlete by Mike Robertson and Toby Brooks
  • Chapter 3: Speed and Agility Training for the High School Athlete by Wil Fleming and Toby Brooks
  • Chapter 4: Mobility Training for the High School Athlete by Eric Cressey and Toby Brooks
  • Chapter 5: Coaching the High School Athlete by Toby Brooks and Brian Grasso
  • Chapter 6: Sample Strength & Conditioning Programs


Done-For-You Programs

Multiple days of in-season and off season programming samples for:

  • Football
  • Track & Field
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Basketball


100+ Photographs

  • Exercise Examples
  • Technique Demonstrations
  • Proper "How-To" Format


Now… What If You Don’t (Or Don’t Want To)
Work In High Schools?

Well… You don’t have to!

Eric Cressey doesn’t work in a high school setting.

Neither does Mike Robertson.

But High School athletes FLOCK to their facilities because of how incredibly effective their development training systems are.

Imagine a training center with literally 200+ High School athletes streaming through it every week.

Football players.

Baseball players.

Volleyball teams.

Hockey programs.

Tennis leagues.

That’s what Cressey, Robertson and Fleming do week-in and week-out.

Train High School athletes who drive for MILES to come for their expertise.


The Missing Link That’s Preventing You From
Working With High School Athletes?

Ever try to connect with a High School Coach?

Or the school’s Athletic Director?

You’re bound to hit a brick wall almost every time.

They don’t just open up the doors and invite every ‘Strength Coach’ in to work with their athletes.

But have you ever asked yourself ‘why’?

Why is it so hard to get Coaches and AD’s on board with what it is you want to provide for them and their athletes?

Here’s the reason (and it’s so simple)…

There are likely 500+ ‘Strength Coaches’ in your area.

And they ALL contact the Coaches and AD’s every week.

What makes you different?

Why are you a better choice for their athletes than the guy who’s been calling them for the past 4 weeks asking if he can come in to host a ‘speed camp’?


That’s it.

The very second you can claim to be a ‘Specialist’, the tone on the other end of the phone will change…

"Hi Mr. Coach… Yes sir, I am a Certified High School Strength & Conditioning Coach"

Do you realize what kind of difference that’s going to make?


"… Yes sir, I am a Certified High School Strength & Conditioning Coach…"

It will make ALL the difference in the world!

Now Available for Only $299.95

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How Can You Trust This Information Is What You Need?

Well for starters, scroll back up and re-read who actually created the material.

Eric Cressey

Mike Robertson

Wil Fleming

3 of the very best in the world.

But just in case that’s not enough, check this out:


“Test drive” the IYCA High School Strength & Conditioning Coach Certification for the next 60 days with absolutely no risk. See for yourself how much more effective of a coach you will become with our proven system. You are completely protected by our iron clad 100% money back guarantee.


If you are not completely satisfied satisfied, you can simply contact us and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

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I worked in high school settings and with high school athletes for more than 13 years.

It was the greatest and most fulfilling time in my career.

Changing lives.

Impacting futures.

Helping shape a generation.

This resource is the best and most comprehensive I have ever had the pleasure of being part of creating…

… And it is undoubtedly the one you need to get your hands on.

Your Special Bonus For Investing In This Certification…

…A One Year Membership In The IYCA (Normally $59.95)!

While Certifications and Courses are an incredibly important piece of the puzzle in helping trainers or coaches reach their goals, we’ve recognized that to truly maximize your success as a professional you need more.  You want to ‘peek behind the curtain’ and see what some of the best in the field are doing.  You need tools and templates to make running your business or implementing your programs easier.  It’s important to you to connect with other motivated, like-minded professionals to share ideas and network.

And that is what your IYCA Membership provides.

The IYCA Membership is our way to do what the other Certification organizations don’t – provide you with not just the baseline education and credentials necessary to move forward in your career, but actually give you to tools, programs, real world knowledge and basically ‘the path’ you need to become a successful trainer or coach.

Our IYCA Team will personally help you not only discover what you need to know to become a better trainer or coach, but they’ll also assist you in putting what you learn into action.  Whether you just coach a few athletes as a hobby or you run your own training facility, with the tools, resources, knowledge and support that your IYCA Membership provides, you will learn how to quickly and easily reach your coaching and professional goals!

With your membership you’ll gain access to:

  • Example training programs for some of the top coaches in the world
  • Private interviews with the industry’s leading experts
  • Articles and videos teaching you the latest training and business information
  • Ready to use tools and templates to make your life much, much easier
  • Access to our IYCA Experts in our private Insiders Forum

And much, much more!

You will become a better trainer, a stronger coach and a better business owner – we guarantee it.


The High School Training World Is About to go Through a Major Revolution (Because "What’s Been" for 20 Years Is About to Become "What Used To Be")

… And This Resource is Your Key to Being Part of it

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Pat Rigsby
CEO – International Youth Conditioning Association


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