CEU Policy

The IYCA Membership & Education Program is undergoing a review process to improve it’s efficiency and value to you.  For the time being, please disregard all information on this page, as it may change soon.

Completion of an IYCA certification/credential demonstrates a commitment to excellence in youth conditioning and fitness. As part of this commitment, all IYCA certification/credentials are valid for a period of two years. Thank you for continuing to learn and grow with us.

You will receive a number of detailed emails after you are a new credential holder. Please be sure your email is correct so that you get these messages. They will guide you through the process and keep you on track.

Here is what you will need by the end of the two year period:

  1. 12 CEUs (Required no matter how many credentials you have.)
  2. Completed IYCA Portal Documentation of CEUs (http://iyca.org/ceu)
    1. Register and add your CEUs as you get them. This is for your record keeping.
  3. Current Emergency Cardiac Care (Documentation is only required should you be selected for audit; keep it on file, but only submit it if requested.)
  4. Background Check (Fee applies according to country.)
  5. Late Fee (When applicable: $50)

For details, including the CEU Reporting Schedule, please refer to the Continuing Education Policy.

CEU Pre-Approved/Preferred Provider List: See the full list here.

Apply for non-IYCA CEUs: APPLY HERE

Note: If you wish to apply a work study, event, or workshop that is not an IYCA program, please submit this form, and it will be brought to our IYCA CEU Committee. No fees are associated, but please allow 2 weeks to process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CEU?

CEUs are contact hours of education. 1 CEU of IYCA Programming = 1 Contact hour; 0.5 CEU of Non-IYCA Programming = 1 Contact Hour

Why do I need CEUs now?

The IYCA has instituted a continuing education policy to ensure that all our certified members stay current with the changing landscape of youth fitness and performance enhancement. By instituting a requirement that all certified members remain in good standing and actively pursue further knowledge in the field, we can ensure that all credential holders are active in the field, thereby increasing the perceived value of your IYCA credential in the field.

How many CEUs do I need to get to remain in good standing?

12 CEUs

What IYCA Products qualify for CEUs and how many CEUs do I get for each?

All IYCA products that have an associated CEU value will be designated as such. Usually, IYCA Certifications are worth 12 CEUs, IYCA Instructor Courses are worth 6 CEUs, IYCA Crash Courses are worth 3 CEUs, and other items vary depending upon requirements.

Can I obtain CEUs through other organizations? If yes, how do I do that?

Yes. For recording purposes, you must apply to receive those CEUs using this application→ APPLY HERE

Will I get reminders?

Yes. We will send you periodic reminders as you need to get recertified.

What fees do I need to pay to recertify?

The only fee is the fee to get your background check completed. A non-negotiable late fee of $50 will be required to certify past your due date.

Do I have to turn in my CPR certificate?

Documentation of any requirements is only mandatory if you have been selected for a random audit.


Who do I contact if I have additional questions?


Refer to the IYCA Continuing Education Policy