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"How To Skyrocket Your Personal Training Business, And Make More Profit In the Next Few Months Than In The Entire Previous Year…Guaranteed!"

FACT: In The U.S. Alone Over 20 Million Athletes Ages 10-18 Play Organized Sports

Dear Fellow Coach,

My name is Pat Rigsby, and as Co-Owner of both the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) and the youth fitness & sports performance franchise Athletic Revolution, I can tell you 2 things I know about owning and operating a successful sports training business that are true:

  • There has never been a better time to build sports training business than right now.
  • 99% of the sports performance coaches in this industry will miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

And here’s the reason…

Most Sports Performance Coaches Don’t Have The First Clue About How To Open and Operate A Successful Business…

Have you ever wondered how coaches that aren’t half as good at you at their craft are building six and multiple-six figure businesses while you have yet to crack the code to running a successful business?

If so, you’re not alone. Do you know the biggest reason why some of the worst coaches run some of the most profitable businesses? It’s very simple…

Because Being A Good Coach Isn’t Good Enough…

I know this from being a business coach to hundreds of the most successful trainers and coaches in the industry and being a Co-Owner of two of the most successful fitness franchises in the world.  So while you’ve been focusing all of your time and energy toward becoming a great coach, the competition – who you can coach circles around – has been learning all the ninja marketing strategies and sleazy sales tactics to grow their business.

Sure, the parents and athletes may figure out that they’re all sizzle and no steak after a while, but that doesn’t really help you because not only did your competitor get them in the first place – but if they’ve done a poor job they’ve also probably soured those athletes and their parents on the value of working with a sports performance coach all together.

Either way, you lose.

That’s a big part of the reason why Ryan Ketchum, Nick Berry and I partnered together to develop this resource – Sports Training Business.  We wanted to help coaches who are great at what they do to build successful and lucrative businesses – and do it the right way

We want the pretenders who don’t care about the athletes they ‘coach’ – or the results they get – to be exposed for the frauds that they are. And we want the great coaches who consistently deliver results for their athletes to be able to build businesses that provide them with profits and freedom for years to come.

Who Are Ryan, Nick and Pat?

Ryan KetchumAfter his time as an All American Track and Field athlete at Indiana University Ryan Ketchum launched his own training business from nothing and eventually grew it into what is now Force Fitness and Performance/Athletic Revolution Bloomington with his business partner Wil Fleming.  

While building one of the most successful gyms in the country, Ryan has also become one of the leading business coaches and experts in the industry, speaking around the country about building a successful fitness or sport training business, leading several of the most successful coaching programs in the industry and consulting with countless fitness pros.  He also serves as the Director of Support for both Athletic Revolution and Fitness Revolution as well as the Vice President of Business Development for the Fitness Consulting Group.

Nick BerryNick Berry has spent his entire career as an Entrepreneur in the fitness industry.  His experience has given him the opportunity to become a Business Coach and Consultant, and co-owner of multiple other businesses, which have allowed him to help thousands of other small business owners, both in and out of the fitness industry. 

Nick partnered with Pat Rigsby in 2005 to form Fitness Consulting Group, through which they create and offer their fitness business coaching products and programs.  He has helped build and co-owns the International Youth Conditioning Association, which is considered the premier international authority on youth conditioning and athletic development ( 

Nick is a cofounder and the President of the Athletic Revolution┬« and Fitness Revolution┬« franchise systems.  Athletic Revolution is a youth based sports performance franchise, which began in 2009 and currently has over 50 franchise units.  Fitness Revolution is an adult fitness franchise, which began in January 2011, and currently has over 130 franchise units.

Pat RigsbyEarlier I introduced myself (Pat Rigsby), and I am the Co-Owner of some of the most successful brands in the fitness industry, including the International Youth Fitness Association, The Fitness Consulting Group, Resistance Band Training and the two fastest growing training-based franchises in the world – Fitness Revolution and Athletic Revolution. I’m also the Best Selling Author of The Little Black Book Of Fitness Business Success.

Over the past few years I’ve helped thousands of fitness professionals grow their businesses, make more money and enjoy more freedom.  And through the rest of this letter I’ll share some of the success stories of people that we’ve worked with that have used many of the same strategies, systems and tactics that you’ll discover in Sports Training Business.


The Truth About Building A Successful Sports Training Business

Fact #1 – You MUST Be A Coach and a Businessperson.

You can’t ‘out coach’ being a bad businessperson and you can’t out market bad coaching.

To run a successful sports training business you must be proficient at both training and business. Let’s face it – without athletes to coach, it doesn’t matter how good of a coach you are.  You need to be able to market and sell.  You need to be able to manage your business.

You need to have systems in place to grow.

But make no mistake… being good at business alone isn’t enough. 

If you’re a great coach, then you’ll see the results of your marketing efforts multiplied.  You’ll retain your athletes easily and have a flood of referrals consistently coming your way.

If you want to run a sports training business that athletes, coaches and parents seek out, earn a substantial income and have the freedom to enjoy it – then you need to be a good coach and a good businessperson and business.  Ignoring either one will make lasting success almost impossible.

Fact #2 – Business Is Too Tough To Go It Alone.

Even if you are the best coach in your area and, you still have to go through the expensive and time consuming process of figuring out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to running a business.

It’s like trying to map a minefield by stepping on every landmine.

Think about all of your jobs as a business owner:

  • Coach
  • Operations Manager
  • Ad Designer
  • Marketing Director
  • Salesperson
  • Publicist
  • Human Resources Director
  • Finance Manager
  • Web Designer

It’s almost impossible to be an expert at all of these.  It takes being able to learn from someone else’s mistakes… and their successes… to really avoid the obstacles that stop most people in their tracks and build a great business without practically bankrupting yourself in the process.

The problem with trying to figure all this out on your own without leaning on someone else to tell you what’s worked is that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to figure out everything you need to need to know to run a great business, stay at the top of the profession as a coach… and actually train your athletes.

So the moral of the story is this: if you want to run a great training business, learn from people that have been (or are) where you want to go.

Fact #3 – Right now is the greatest opportunity our industry has ever seen for opening and operating a Sports Training Business.

Youth sports have become more competitive than ever before.  And like it or not, the days of kids going out and playing in the sandlot are a thing of the past, so now more than ever before, parents are seeking out coaches to help their kids improve and reach their athletic potential. 

Regardless of how you feel about this trend – it’s happening and parents are spending billions (yes, billions with a ‘B’) on coaching for their children.

But in spite of that, 98% percent of the trainers and coaches in this industry will still fail to build a successful business – or even a successful career. 

While that’s bad news for most, it’s great news for you.

If you’re willing to do what it takes to build a business around great coaching delivering a great service to the athletes you coach – then you’re better positioned than ever before for success.

And that’s what Sports Training Business is about.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own successful training facility – this is your chance.


Finally… Being A Great Coach Doesn’t Have To Mean Settling For Being Broke

Trust me – I am speaking from experience.  Not long after I graduated from college I was fortunate enough to land the Head Baseball Coach & Head Strength Coach position at a small State University.  Sounds great, right? Well, I was thrilled to have such an opportunity, but my starting salary for both of those positions was a whopping $5000.  Total.

At that time I just accepted that doing what I loved meant sacrificing the opportunity to make any real money. 

But eventually I realized that becoming a great coach required hard work, studying, putting in the time and effort necessary to rise above all the average coaches residing in the industry…  

… and those we’re the exact same traits which are necessary to become one of the top business owners in this industry too – but so few coaches actually recognize that this is the case.

Just like becoming a great coach, becoming a great business owner is well within your grasp… if you’re willing to learn what works and put it into action.

pat rigsby

pat rigsby

pat rigsby

pat rigsby


But let me cover a couple of things before we move on…

Sports Training Business is not for everyone.  This resource is ONLY for you if:

  • You will take action and implement what you learn. If you don’t take action, you won’t get the results and both of our time would have been wasted.

    People tend to be lazy once they get into their comfort zone.  In fact, I bet you would be shocked at how many coaches buy every piece of information, and spend thousands of dollars on seminars, videos, information products, and never do anything with it!
    But if you’re willing to learn AND to take action . . . this will be a game changer for you… that I guarantee!

  • You are 100% committed to being a great coach.  The IYCA is committed to helping coaches reach as many young athletes as possible and enjoy successful, lucrative and rewarding careers – and that starts with being a great coach.

Bottom line – we are only interested in empowering quality coaches to build great businesses, so if you’re not passionate about your craft and changing the lives of the young people you serve – Sports Training Business isn’t for you.

If you are committed to running a quality sports performance business, here’s what Sports Training Business has in store for you:

  • Module One: Building Your Ideal Business Model – Not every sports training business is the same… nor should they be. In this module you’ll learn how to build your business so that you maximize your unique talents and opportunities.
  • Module Two: Choosing a Location – Choosing a location can be the make or break decision for a sports training business. Choose right and you’re set up for success. Choose wrong and you’re anchored with a situation that you may never be able to overcome. In this module you’ll learn exactly what you need to know to choose right.
  • Module Three: Setting Up Your Business For Success – If you want to build a great sports training business, you need to start with a solid foundation. In Module Three you’ll discover how to do just that by making sure that you’ve addressed each of the critical business success factors needed to build your business.
  • Module Four: Generating Quality Leads – It doesn’t matter how great of a coach you are… without a consistent flow of quality prospects you’re business is doomed to struggle. In this Module you’ll learn how to use your strengths as a coach to generate the leads you need month after month without ever feeling like you’re marketing and without spending a fortune.
  • Module Five: Front End Offers – If you don’t like selling then this module is for you. Module Five will teach you how you can close 90% of your prospects through coaching by using Front End Offers.
  • Module Six: Core Programs – Most sports performance businesses are destined to fail from the start because they don’t have solid core programs that are both great for the athlete and great for the business. In this module you’ll learn how to build your offerings so that they’re a WIN for everyone involved.
  • Module Seven: Back-End Profits – Back End Profits are the untapped goldmine in most sports training businesses and in this module you’ll learn how to finally tap into yours. This area of most sports training businesses generates little if any revenue, but if done well can account for 25% of your business income.
  • Module Eight: Creating Your Business Systems – All great businesses are system driven. In this module you’ll learn how to use systems to allow your business to run at maximum efficiency, hire other coaches and maintain the quality of coaching you provide and create far more leverage and freedom for yourself.
  • Module Nine: Putting It Into Action – In Module Nine we put it all together so you can see what you sports training business can and should look like by putting all of this business building resource into practice.


You Get These 13 Additional Powerful Tools When You Invest In Sports Training Business Today:

  • A plug and play coach / athlete contract
  • A prospective athlete info card and waiver
  • A ready to use letter to send to the Chamber of Commerce to generate new business
  • A complete marketing checklist for running a successful clinic
  • 3 Different ready to use Referral Generation tools to generate you a flood of new athletes.
  • An email to send to local coaches to build a relationship and open doors to work with their athletes.
  •  An email specifically crafted to send to your current network to generate a flood of new business.
  • A letter to send to local Organizations and Leagues to tap into the goldmine that they can offer to your business.
  • Two Press Releases to get you into the local media and position you as the go to expert.
  • The Sports Training Business Dashboard – a marketing tracking tool that will be the nerve center of your marketing efforts.

So, How Much Does Sports Training Business Cost?

When we put this system together we considered what business coaching costs. Most all the industry experts charge $200-$600 per hour to sit down and talk on the phone and start to map out a business success plan.

Getting Sports Training Business is like getting all 3 of us, and having us there to craft your own sports training business success plan – and keeping us around all the time. Refer back to us whenever you need to. What’s eight hours of that worth? $2,500.00?   $3,500.00?

Well we’ve got good news…

We have no intention of charging anywhere near that amount. Sports Training Business is your for just $197 $1. And let me just point out the obvious: if you get just one extra athlete you more than pay for the entire program. You should easily accomplish this the first few days!

Should we charge more? We will – but we want to get Sports Training Business into the hands of the people that NEED this information now. You can get Sports Training Business for just $197 $1 so act now!  

Today Only $197 $1

Pay only $1 today. If you choose to keep Sport Training Business,
you will be charged one additional payment of $96 in 30 days.


But, even with discount we want to show you how serious we are about helping you reach your business building goals.

So we’re going to GUARANTEE you’re completely 100% satisfied with Sports Training Business or you get your money back:



Does that sound fair?

You get 365 days to see with your own eyes how powerful the information contained in Sports Training Business really is with zero risk.

As long as you’re sincere in your desire to build a successful business, I guarantee you’ll be thrilled. Period.

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to see just how much of a positive impact having us be your business mentors can have on your business, income and life?

Think about it…

Aren’t You Tired Of Settling For Less Than You Deserve?

Don’t you want to move past the status quo and have a real, successful sports training business that helps more athletes and puts lots of money in your pocket?

Take action now.  Get your copy of Sports Training Business and start building the business you’ve always wanted.

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Dedicated To Your Success,

Pat Rigsbypat rigsby

Pat Rigsby
CEO – International Youth Conditioning Association


PS – We’ve used these same principles, concepts and systems to build the two fastest growing coaching based franchises on Earth, helping hundreds of successful business owners around the world. Now let us share them with you and allow you to finally unlock your full business potential.

PPS – You can Test Drive Sports Training Business for a FULL 365-days without risking any money. If, after 365 days, you haven’t been completely satisfied, simply let us know and you’ll get a complete, 100% refund. 

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Pay only $1 today. If you choose to keep Sport Training Business,
you will be charged one additional payment of $96 in 30 days.